BPDecolletage Ltd. is an Italian company based in Spinetoli (Ascoli Piceno), which manufactures lathed small and micro metal parts by turning and thread cutting processes on-site.

Prima macchina Escomatic 2003

First Escomatic Machine 2003

Our company has been playing a key-role in the industrial field of micro-mechanics both in domestic and international markets since 2003. Indeed, during this year GUIDO PEZZA, our founder, decided to open a company called “Escoba GP” after having mastered skills of turning with ESCOMATIC lathes for almost twenty years.

As the company grew rapidly, in 2014 BPDecolletage Ltd. moved in a bigger plant of 1000 m2, which was opened to hold up to 40 new machines. Then, a second branch of 400 m2 was opened to hold up to 30 new lathes in 2016. Recently, in 2019 BPDecolletage Ltd. moved in a unique plant of 2500 m2, which has 90 lathes overall.

Thanks to a continuous growing of customers requests, in 2023, the Company increased its volume from 2500 m2 up to 8000 m2 with a new production space, and a total of 130 production machines.

Plant BP Decolletage Work in progress, 2023

Stabilimento BP Decolletage 2014

First Plant, 2014

Stabilimento BP Decolletage 2019

Plant, 2019

Parco Macchine 2014

Machinery Inventory, 2014

Parco Macchine 2016

Machinery Inventory, 2016

Parco Macchine 2019

Machinery Inventory, 2019